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About Arwilda Allshouse


Arwilda Allshouse was born to parents of Pennsylvania Deutsch lineage and kept in touch with her grandparents until their death. Her father still spoke Deutsch and she is familiar with the mores of most Amish. She has endeavored to keep her stories truthful, though fiction. Although conservative, in lifestyle and religion, she did not dress plain or wear a prayer kapp and the Amish would have called her 'Fancy Dutch' due to her father painting folk decorations.

The oldest girl of nine children, Wilda, grew up in an Anabaptist home, spending her whole life in the small Pennsylvania community which nurtured her and her family. Most of her upbringing was simple and rural. She learned as a child, to can her own vegetables, make her own clothes and cook on a woodstove. Her family did not own a car, but did have a tractor.

Wilda however preferred to ride horseback to the stream where she and her eight siblings fished on many a Saturday afternoon. When she married her now late husband Calvin, she was baptized Lutheran. She has always loved to read romance, and dreamed of writing and publishing stories, but never seemed to have the time...or the means until ebooks.

Wilda has always felt that God has always played a central role in her life and has tried to offer simple work and love in a prayerful way.

Wilda lived for many years side by side with the Pennsylvania Amish and now the stories of love and grace that she has always cherished have, with the help of her granddaughters, found a home on Amazon. She hopes that you enjoy reading them as much as she has enjoyed writing them.

Wilda currently lives on her granddaughter’s farm in Lawrence County with her beloved dog Angel and her horse, Petey. If you like her books, please leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads or even share on Facebook.

About Arwilda Allshouse

Arwilda Allshouse is the author of the number one rated Amish Romance Fiction novel: Sadie and Samuel Collection.


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