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Life with the Amish (Part 3)

I particularly loved seeing the black British girl dressed in Amish plain clothing. I know there is a Mennonite family near me who has adopted several black children. I know that I also have black readers. This truly shows the love of God does not see color. We are all God's children! Comment below, or on my Facebook page. What do you think of my incorporating a black character into the next book, either as an adoptive child or as a love interest?

Living with the Amish (part 3)

​Mother’s Day Blog Post

As a mother on Mother’s Day, I find myself reflecting on God’s many blessings in my life: most decidedly, the blessings of my children, both my natural born daughters and my adopted son, Vincent, who is before the face of God. The short story, Mary’s Gift was very close to my heart as I also lost a son, Arthur, to crib death. This is a story that will make every mother remember that today of all days she should count her blessings--her children.

For many, children are not a given. The pain that comes from a lost child, or the grief of never conceiving, is a sadness that most mothers do not have to bear, and yet for some, Mother’s Day is a reminder of this pain. As always, Our Lord is there to comfort us. Each of us can be the hands and heart of Jesus as we minister to our sisters in the faith, those who are mothers, those who have lost a mother and those who have lost a child.

For those who have children, you may wonder as they argue and stress, what was God thinking? Surely, He should have blessed you with well-behaved children. Regardless, they are gifts from our heavenly Father who knows what we need to love and grow. Even their short-tempers and yours serve our Lord's purpose. Be filled with gratitude and love for these souls entrusted to your care. Each day remember that they are not really yours. They are God’s and only on loan to you for a little while.

Bless and praise Him.

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