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Life with the Amish (Part 4)

I have recently come across a series of "Life with the Amish" videos on Youtube.com which I wanted to share with you. I've found them very enlightening. Several British youths come to visit and live with various Amish families for a little time. Each family is treated in a different video. In this way, you can see that the Amish lead very different lives according to their particular gmay and the ordnung that the community espouses. In this section, the British youth visit the Mennonites. In this way, you can visually see the difference between Amish and Mennonite and perhaps understand the background that went into the story of Hannah and Elam.

Life with the Amish (Part 4)

Life with the Amish (Part 3)

I particularly loved seeing the black British girl dressed in Amish plain clothing. I know there is a Mennonite family near me who has adopted several black children. I know that I also have black readers. This truly shows the love of God does not see color. We are all God's children! Comment below, or on my Facebook page. What do you think of my incorporating a black character into the next book, either as an adoptive child or as a love interest?

Living with the Amish (part 3)

Do Amish Ever Ask: ​Will You Still Love Me in the Morning?

Will You Still Love Me in the Morning?

That question asked by women of yesteryear is still valid today, even among the Amish, although rarely asked in Amish Fiction. Still, it is an important question that women need to present to their daughters and granddaughters. How to do that without seeming hopelessly old fashioned, is the trick. The truth is, without God, it is a subject that is impossible to approach, but what young women wants mom or grandma to preach hellfire and damnation? Is that even the right thing to do? Jesus didn’t condemn the woman at the well. He forgave her. How to proceed? In many cases, an Amish romance novel may help to break the silence.

The truth is, today’s modern women think that free sex allows them to enjoy all the pleasures of sex that women of bygone centuries were denied. But does it really? Are today’s women really insatiable or are they just insecure? No longer does she have to worry about getting pregnant and trying to raise a child without a spouse, but is that really all that is happening here? Giving in to sex for his enjoyment or yours, all too often is still a sign of insecurity…just like it was in generations past. Sure, you can hold on to him. For a while. Or maybe you lost who you thought was the love of your life to that strumpet. But that’s just it, isn’t it? You are looking for the love of your life…the man with whom you will spend your life, raise children and grow old together. I believe the men of the Amish Romance Novels, are one of the reasons why Amish Romance is popular. They are populated with men who believe in chastity and LOVE. None is more rock solid in his own chastity than Jacob Byler, and we love him for it. We want this paragon of virtue in our lives. Similarly, Samuel's Sin, book 3 in series, is a sin forgiven and temptation avoided. These strong men are an inspiration and a hope.

In today’s society a night of sexual satisfaction only requires respect, not love. In the end, many single women feel lonely because the men do not love them. And that leads to yet more insecurity. Are you feeling like a liberated woman yet? Are your daughters and granddaughters feeling liberated, or used? Sharing Christian fiction can be a way of opening the door without preaching or condemning. You don’t condemn someone for being insecure. You love them; just as Jesus did.

The problem is that when you are insecure you think you can control the relationship by introducing sex into the equation or allowing your boyfriend, or even a casual acquaintance to introduce sex. In either case, it is not control. It is a loss of control. The truth is, the women of yesteryear who denied sex before marriage really had the control. Now, if you play your cards right, you could get most men into bed, but there is still no guarantee that sex will transform that encounter into something more lasting. Perhaps it will lead to Christian marriage. We think a night of sin can be transformed into a thing of beauty if he just loves you, but the truth is, it is still a night of sin and there is no beauty in sin.

Welcome to Arwilda Allshouse’s blog​​

Hello and welcome to Arwilda Allshouse’s blog. I’m so glad that you decided to visit. For many people reading Amish Romance or Amish Inspirational stories is a time to concentrate on simple living and a desire to grow in your relationship with God. I hope you will enjoy my Amish stories of wholesome relationships blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ. You can find them on Amazon. Read free on Kindle Unlimited.

Often I will include Scripture both in the blog and my books because we all need reminding of the blessings the Lord bestows upon us. When we let Scripture guide our lives we find peace and happiness. This is my prayer for each of you.

I hope to invite other authors of Amish Romance to visit and guest post on occasion. I hope to share with your some of the beautiful quilts and yummy recipes that have been shared on the Facebook page of Arwilda Allshouse. If you have comments about either my books or this blog, feel free to comment. Let me know how you like the new look of my site. Tell me who your favorite characters are and why.

If you haven’t signed up to share 30 days of Scripture with me, please do!

God’s Blessings to you all.


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