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Will the Amish Vote for Trump?

It's official: Trump has the Republican nomination. His running mate, Pence is a solid conservative Christian, but Trump certainly doesn't seem like the sort of candidate that the Amish would support....or is he?

An Ex-Amish Ben King is campaigning for Trump among the Amish. Can he get the Amish to actually vote for him? It is true that some Amish voted for Bush, but that was because he went to them and campaigned in a calm quiet way. Donald Trump seems to be the antithesis of Amish. He is brash and prideful. And yet, in the wake of the number of government interferences in Amish farming perhaps Trump will receive a welcome, even if it is not a warm one.

Any who have read my books, or tried to buy farmland, knows that land is terribly expensive. With land being bought up in the Lancaster area for everything but farming, it has pushed many Amish farmers to Ohio or Indiana, but simply owning the land....or the cows....is not enough.

In 2012 a battle began telling a farming co-op which included the whole gmay, that shared raw milk that their "sharing" within all of the members of the gmay, who owned the cows cooperatively, was in the government's eyes racketeering and a way to slip past government regulations for dairy farmers, and a way to avoid the fees involved.... The ruling was that this same farm co-op was told the milk from THEIR OWN COWS was not their milk! (I found this information when researching the Simon and Sarah books.) If you think it is amazing that the court could rule that even though it was clear they owned the COWS together, they did NOT OWN THE MILK, you are not alone.

The Amish may believe that they should stay separate from the world, but the world, in the form of the US government certainly is not advocating staying separate from the Amish.

In other various lawsuits over the last 5-7 years, the selling of produce, especially organic produce has attracted the attention of the US government. Various regulations have been sited and the Amish, who generally go to court without a lawyer if they go at all, tend to lose the lawsuits. Unfortunately, armed with "truth" is not always enough. Let's remember what they did to Jesus, who IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Amish have not fared well with our US legal system. They may find an advocate in Donald Trump.

One Amish farmer who re-built his barn after it burned, was charged with not having the proper permits to sell his fruits and vegetables even though he had sold them at a curbside stand for years. Since he decided to sell "inside his barn" he now had to have industrial/retail permits due to the fact that his "barn" was zoned "agricultural". He was fined and told he could not sell his vegetables without obtaining a retail license, and because his barn was zoned agricultural, he could not get a retail license for this property. It was simply refused. This sort of unfair practice by the US government may bring out the Amish vote, since they would like less government interference in their lives.

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