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The Jacob Byler Collection

Book 1: An Amish Secret

Jacob Byler is filled with anger and remorse. Six years ago, his wife Miriam left the Amish to pursue a singing career…and abort his unborn child. For six years he has prayed and second guessed himself about how he could have stopped her. He was not the husband he should have been, but still, he cannot forgive a sin so dire. Yet, he has his own secret sins…and so do her parents. Even in our sinful lives, God has a plan for redemption.

Book 2: An Amish Child

Jacob Byler has spent the last six years wishing for a child…a child who spent the last six years in the Englischer world with Jacob’s estranged wife, Miriam. Now that his child is here, he is not quite the son Jacob expected. The child hates him and only wants to go back to the mysterious Owen in New York. Jacob’s mother urges him to consider a frau for himself and mother for his son. His father…and it seems everyone else…has parenting advice, and the woman he loves is engaged to someone else. He never thought he would miss them, but what happened to those quiet prayerful moments in the barn before dawn? How can he ever get back to God when he can’t even get his son dressed for church?

Book 3: An Amish Prayer

Jacob Byler is a prayerful man. First he prayed for his estranged wife’s redemption. Then he prayed for his son’s life. Now he is just hoping and praying for peace. With the upheaval of the child in his home, and his family’s well-meaning but unwelcome advice (and—in the case of his meddling brother Simon-- sometimes outright interference), Jacob just hopes to find the path God means for him to follow. Meanwhile, Naomi, the new school mistress calls his son a “terror” and she is courting Andy Miller, anyway. How can she possibly be the right one? Jacob is torn between his need for love as a man and his responsibility as a father. He is sure God will point the way--eventually.

Book 4: An Amish Family

Having once married for the wrong reasons, Jacob Byler doubts his love for Naomi. Annoyed with his family’s meddling, Jacob hesitates and Andy returns from New Wilmington. With Naomi promised to be married to Andy Miller, Jacob is convinced God doesn’t want him to have a wife at all. He and Mason can be a family. Until disaster strikes and Jacob stands to lose both Naomi and Mason, only God can save his family now.

About Arwilda Allshouse

Arwilda Allshouse is the author of the number one rated Amish Romance Fiction novel: Sadie and Samuel Collection.


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