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Love's True

Love's True

Love's True


Love's True

The Collection


Hannah and Elam 4 Books in 1 Collection (Boxed set)
A Sweet Christian Amish Romance Novel Collection in 4 parts suitable for all ages,
by the author of the *#1 Best-Sellers* Sadie and Samuel 4-in-1 Collection and The Christmas Quilt.

Includes: Book 1: True Love’s Longing
Hannah has always been the tomboy of the Noll family, prone to climbing trees to save stray cats and keeping her brother’s secrets, but can she trust her brother to keep hers? When Hannah’s younger sister Sarah marries Simon Byler, everyone asks when is it her turn? But boys don’t interest Hannah, until the arrival of the handsome Mennonite, Elam Janz. Elam is acceptable to Hannah’s Amish father, as a farm hand, but not as a suitor; because he is Mennonite and, because Elam wants to become a doctor. Can the secret courtship of Hannah and Elam last four long years of college and then medical school or will Hannah’s father find out and force her to marry another?

Book 2: Love’s True Strength
Elam’s bold ideas make Hannah wonder if she is straying too far from the Amish way. At the same time she is falling deeper and deeper in love with him. But is she also falling away from God’s grace? Her father still doesn’t know about their courtship and Hannah doesn’t know how long she can keep the secret. With her siblings aware of the plot it doesn’t seem like it will stay a secret for long. Leah thinks it’s romantic. Sarah thinks it’s crazy and Luke has secrets of his own. As Hannah struggles to find God’s will for her life she discovers a hidden strength within herself.

Book 3: Love’s True Course
Hannah has been preparing for Elam’s return from school by secretly getting her GED, but contact with the Englischer Olivia Jones has had unexpected consequences both for her and her brother. Hannah feels increasingly guilty as what began as a simple lie has turned into a web of deceit. Meanwhile, her father finally agrees to Hannah’s wish to travel for Rumspringa. But he doesn’t want to send her to her mother’s family in Lancaster. He wants to send her to his family in New Wilmington…away from Elam.

Book 4: Love’s True Worth
When Elam doesn’t meet her at their tree, Hannah is devastated. She leaves the Amish community to go on Rumspringa, and she doesn’t know if she will ever go back. Elam is afraid he has lost her. Hannah, her self-esteem shattered, tries to become the educated wife she thinks Elam wants. But is that what she wants? Is it what God wants? From a most unlikely source, Hannah learns a valuable lesson about life, love, and God’s will.

About Arwilda Allshouse

Arwilda Allshouse is the author of the number one rated Amish Romance Fiction novel: Sadie and Samuel Collection.


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